Modernise your people development, through virtual training and 1:1 coaching

New ways of working have provided you with an opportunity to modernise your approach to talent development. Our virtual solutions provide face-to-face training and coaching for employees at all career levels, wherever they are based, for a fraction of the price of traditional 'classroom' learning. 

Taizen offers your organisation the ability to drive measurable improvements in employee performance, by leveraging our global network of expert practitioners. Here are the advantages for your employees and your organisation.

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People Development with Taizen

For your employees

Employees benefit from bitesize workshops and 1:1 coaching with an expert practitioner, ensuring they are able to put what they have learned into practice. Everything is undertaken virtually through your chosen platform - convenient and highly impactful.

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Workshops and 1:1 Coaching from an expert Practitioner

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Reduced time commitment through bitesize sessions

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Virtual sessions provide full location flexibility

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Easy to put into practice quickly, and see results fast

For your company

Virtual training and coaching with Taizen ensures your people have the skills they need to thrive in the new world of work, actively transform your organisation and influence your bottom line.

Enhanced Performance

Improve and develop business-critical soft skills to enhance employee and organisational performance through our proven approach.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Retain and attract top talent with an employee development strategy that is perfectly suited to new ways of working.

Reduced Talent Development Costs

Our virtual model allows you to reduce training costs compared to traditional classroom learning

Measurable Results

Track progress, gain insights and measure your ROI through your dashboard

How we help transform your people and your business

Taizen helps your company by providing impactful talent development solutions that deliver results. Our approach is to combine the scalability and flexibility of eLearning with the 'human-to-human' benefits of the classroom, freeing up your people's time and offering them full location flexibility.

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Performance and Engagement

Our volatile business world means that continuous learning and development are critical to maintain a competitive edge.

Virtual training and coaching makes a vital contribution to the performance of organisations and employees, by providing the skills and mindset needed to excel.


Performance and Productivity

shown by employees undergoing Taizen's development model.
(Bright and Crockett, 2011)



Higher Engagement 

shown by employees in a talent development culture. 
(Human Capital Institute, 2014)


Talent Acquisition
and Retention

Recent research shows that over 50 percent of employees recruited into an organisation will seek to leave within two years. Shockingly, one-third of leavers cite a lack of development opportunities as their main motivation for leaving.

Offering a comprehensive talent development program has been proven to reduce absenteeism, improve employee job satisfaction and dramatically enhance retention. 


Higher Retention
(EER, 2019)



Job Satisfaction
(ATD, 2017)

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Cost Reduction and Revenue Growth

Despite its youth in comparison to other HR development tools, there is considerable evidence demonstrating the impact of virtual instructor-led training and coaching on the bottom line.

As well as the cost savings made by utilising our virtual solution in place of traditional classroom learning, an engaged and high-performing workforce has been shown to produce 2.3x greater revenue growth over three years. Offering employees a comprehensive development program can lead to a 202% outperformance compared to competitors, according to Gallup.


Increased Profitability 

shown by employees in client facing roles.



Increased Revenue 

shown by employees in management roles.


Wellbeing and Employee Experience

The burden on employees is increasing as they adapt to new ways of working, and so is the need for personalised support to help them overcome challenges and develop resilience.

External coaching is increasingly being used as a long-term, sustainable way to support employees, providing a safe space to discuss issues that they would be uncomfortable raising with their colleagues.


Improved Wellbeing 

shown by employees who have received external coaching.
(ICF, 2009)



Reduced Risk of Burnout 

shown by employees engaged in wellbeing exercises.
(ATD, 2020)


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Change and Transformation

As the global pandemic has shown, transformation and constant change confront companies with unexpected challenges.

Organisational transformation starts with your people, and adjustment to new ways of working necessitates a new approach to learning and development.

Taizen helps organisations and the people that comprise them meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come with rapid organisational change.

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