Build Skillsets,
Change Mindsets.

Taizen's network of expert practitioners are capable of addressing the full spectrum of leadership and soft skills development.

Sessions are delivered virtually in bitesize chunks, allowing for location-independent learning and freeing up your people's time. Here's how we help you drive performance, and measure results:

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How it works


1. Identify the right solution for your people

Your Taizen journey starts with a free consultation, where we discuss your talent development objectives and identify the right solution for your requirements and your people.

  • Coaching - 1:1 coaching, facilitated by an expert coach matched to your employees based on background and specialism. 

  • Workshops - Bitesize workshops for small groups, facilitated by an expert Taizen practitioner, designed to be delivered virtually.

  • Integrated Programs - Our most popular solution, blending a series of bitesize group workshops with 1:1 follow-up coaching to help your people put what they have learned into practice.

  • Consultancy (New- We can deliver customer-centric organisational transformation programmes, with a focus on people transformation.

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2. Flexible, bitesize sessions - delivered virtually.

Your employees receive a calendar invitation inviting them to join sessions with an expert Taizen practitioner, handpicked for their expertise in your industry and the chosen subject area.

Workshops are specifically designed to be delivered virtually, and are split into convenient 90-120 minute sessions, spaced out over a number of days or weeks. Each workshop is recorded, allowing your people to review content and pick-up any development points they might have missed.

Coaching sessions can be booked at your employee's convenience, based on the time allocated to them each month (typically 2x 45-minute sessions). These sessions are confidential, giving your employee the peace of mind to speak openly and honestly with their coach.


3. Measure impact and celebrate successes:

Lead stakeholders can monitor employee progress and measure their return on investment through our Management Dashboard.

Our Dashboard allows for your HR team or other chosen stakeholders to see how employees are progressing through their development journey, and gain insights along the way.

Track development milestones, view feedback and self-assessments, watch recordings of past workshops and book future sessions, all at the click of a button.

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You can now truly measure your team’s development and ROI, through Taizen's Management Dashboard:

• Add new participants and book new development programmes

• Monitor employee feedback, satisfaction and progress

• Track progress and identify skills gaps.

• Manage your Taizen Account: billing,             communications, templates, and contracts are all centralised within the management dashboard

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